"Like nothing ever seen." - broadway world


"All of a sudden we've got an underdog that we're rooting for to succeed!"

Preview by Ken Davenport- Producers Perspective 

​A 6'1" Pro Basketball player would probably have interesting stories to tell.  Now imagine that pro baller is a "chick"
(her word, not mine!).  The best dramas open up the doors on worlds we've never seen before (The West Wing, any mob
movie, etc.) and pro sports aren't something we get access to everyday.  But we're fascinated by it. Now take your hero
and make it someone who may have been made fun of as a kid (she was 6'1" by the time she was in the 6th grade), who may have been told she was playing a "man's game," and all of a sudden we've got an underdog that we're rooting for to succeed. 
And that's a story that I, and the majority of theatergoers, want to watch.

"I just thought it was an extraordinary performance of extraordinary material. It's a fantastic message which seems to be coming just at the right time in our culture. Not only is " A Kind Shot" a perfect showcase for you as a performer (and you are such a pro already) but it offers an engaging cautionary tale with a strategy that can change lives."
- Christine Donnelly

No tall tales, just real life - 6' 1"

former pro b-baller
Terri Mateer’s
A Kind Shot" holds court at MITF" 

Preview by Scott Stiffler -
Downtown Express - November 2015 

Whether working every angle on the court or navigating the field of life, former pro basketball player Terri Mateer has taken plenty of hits — but that hasn’t diminished
her drive to score. Performed with an athlete’s grace and confidence (but none of the indulgent swagger), the 6’ 1” Mateer’s “A Kind Shot” (Nov. 17, 21, 22) has plenty of
insider anecdotes and famous names that will appeal to fans of street, college and
pro sports.Besides her experience in these worlds, Vermont-raised Mateer also worked
as a model, a stripper, and a designer. Raised by a single hippie mom and an African American surrogate father, and mentored by numerous others, she credits them with giving her the fortitude to confront sexual abuse and harassment.
“The point of my story,” Mateer says, “is to inspire people to look out for each other.”

A Kind Shot Performance History

Mansfield University 2016
Bridge Street Theatre, Catskill, NY 2016
Midtown International Theater Festival -NYC 2015 & 2016
Keynote Presentation for APCA Broadway Experience - NYC 2015
Official Selection of The Chicago Fringe -2015 
The Tank - SoloWeek -NYC 2015
The Davenport Theatre Black Box Studio - NYC 2014 & 2015
NY Fringe Festival 2014

Featured on New York Events
One of the Top Ten Standout Shows To See New York International Fringe Festival
Developmental stagings at The Barrow Group, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Cap 21 and Under St. Marks

"Terri is funny and talented. She has a unique and refreshing voice. Terri pours her heart out
on stage. She has performed her show in theaters, small studios, and gyms. She is a dedicated performer, committed
to making a positive change in the world
with her art."

Lee Brock - Co-Artistic Director,
The Barrow Group

"It's beyond talent.
You're a natural but it's beyond that. You have genius. I've said it before & will say it again - in print if possible! You have genius that only a few have. I think when people see this show they will realize that you belong in a tradition of physical comediennes of genius."

Carey Harrison, Artistic Director, The Woodstock Players Theater Company